Beer Bread, Round 2

Haven’t heard back from the mailman about his mini-loaf, but the big loaf is almost gone. The heel will make a very petit French toast for breakfast.

I’ve started another batch, but have discovered that 4 am is not necessarily the best time to be throwing ingredients into a bowl. My hand slipped while measuring the vinegar, so it’s a bit more than a tablespoon…So I then thought to compensate by in creasing the beer to water ratio a bit, in case it’s too sour…(Dur. Isn’t sourdough bread SOUR?), so instead of eliminating the spoonful of sugar, I kept it, and then thought to add a teaspoon of italian herbs for “interest,” since I read an article about someone raving over a bread with italian herbs in it…So now I have an Oatmeal Stout Sweet and Sour Italian Herb load in the bowl…Should be an interesting loaf, to say the least…lol!

Update: Well, the herbs are basically unnoticeable (I didn’t put an awful lot in, maybe a half tablespoon), but the overall loaf is one of the best yet. The BHU is already wanting me to start another, so I am using the last of the WW left in the bottle, and have started another loaf with 4 oz. of the “King of Beers,” and actual light lager…


This is what I mean about recipe tweaking…