Well, things have been hectic, but I think I can finally call one loaf a success!

My sourdough starters have their own corner of the fridge, and once a week, I pull them out and feed them. I hate to throw out the starter I remove, since I worked so hard to get it to happen, so I bake when I feed. This helps keep my bread consumption down (I’ve now lost 30 pounds, and don’t want to lose momentum!) and makes the feeding a bit more special.

Having finally bought some Rye, I’ve now split my starters into “Barry White,” with AP flour and either some semolina or wheat farina (1 oz to 3 oz AP), and “Barry Rye,” who is 1 oz. Rye flour to 3 oz AP. Barry Rye definitely has a bit more tang than Barry White, but they are both yummy!

Now to get better about photographing…

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