Wow…I never imagined how addicting seeing fermented flour in a jar could be…

This is Pinto. Pinto was a “spur of the moment,” Dr. Science-type of experiment, as I was putting together Ribs and Beans in my slow cooker. I had put the beans in water to soak overnight on Friday afternoon, but forgot to make them on Saturday, so they sat in water for about 36 hours. The water had some bubbles on the top, and I recalled reading somewhere on the ‘Net that “Udal” water, which is a type of lentil bean eaten in India, is used to make a type of sourdough for Indian breads.
I thought, “beans is beans,” and what works with one type of bean, should, theoretically, work with ANY type of bean. So I put a cup of the bean water in a jar, and whisked in a “fluffy” (not packed at all) cup of bread flour, with a tablespoon of Semolina flour (for the less-processed wild yeasts it may have), and 2 tablespoons of soy flour (because it might have “bean” yeasts that the pinto water might like to eat) into it. It was REALLY watery, and the flour kept settling to the bottom, leaving about 1/4″ of water on top, so every 3 hours or so, I would stir the whole mess up again…I didn’t feed it, because nothing much seemed to be happening…Or so I thought until I got up this morning, and saw the above image…It has no sour odor at all, just a pleasant “bean-y” smell, with a mild flour smell mixed in…So, this may not be “true” fermentation. I don’t know.

I threw out everything but 1/2 cup, and since it was still so watery (just a bit of gluten “stringiness” when I stirred), I just added in about 2-3 tablespoons of flour, with a teaspoon of semolina and a teaspoon of soy flour. Now it’s like pancake batter. It should be interesting to see what develops from it today…

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