The Great Sourdough Starter Challenge

It’s been an interesting bread week. My phobia is still well justified, as I am able to screw up breads in ways unthought of…

While doing the Circuit with my Beloved Hubby Unit (BHU), I found a copy of Better Homes and Gardens’ Homemade Bread Cook Book, so I bought it and am going through the recipes, when I come across their Sourdough Breads section, and I see that they STILL use yeast, along with a cup of sourdough starter per loaf of bread! Wow. I’ve read how Michael Suas (he, the Guru of Artisan Bread, and author of “Advanced Bread and Pastry”) uses yeast with his sourdough, to varying degrees of shock/disbelief/dispute among Sourdough bakers. This encourages me greatly, as I have a pound (yes, a full pound) of Instant Yeast from Sam’s Club that I don’t want to waste, but that the use of sourdough would negate the need for.

So, I have decided to try and grow a sourdough culture to add my own “unique flavor” to my semi-inedible lumps of baked dough…Today is day 4, and things appear to be “doing something…” I will be updating this as the day goes by…

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