The water crust is fabulous. Too fabulous, almost.
It certainly heats faster than regular baking. Burnt the first loaf, just barely avoided burning the top of the second loaf…The inside was still soggy, though…

Why the recipes call for so much water, when you can’t bake it out in a reasonable amount of time is beyond me…

So, while at the Flea Market this weekend, I bought an Oster Bread Machine…WITH its Original Manual. $12, talked down from $15. Yes, it’s admitting defeat, but I have beaten my head against this wall for long enough, now, that I simply want to make some decent, NON-SOGGY bread, and I don’t have the patience to reduce the recipe by a tablespoon at a time to work it out.

My Beloved Hubby Unit (BHU) made the first loaf, as I was hesitant to “cheat.” I thought I had pointed out the “Basic White Bread” recipe out to him, but on the facing page was the French Bread recipe, and somehow, that was the loaf he made. He didn’t start until about 6 pm, and went to bed before it was done. I ate the bottom heel, and could not believe how good that bread came out. His FIRST attempt, and he hits it out of the ballpark…Poop.

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