Well, another day, another bread adventure…

As I await the arrival of Bread Science, I decided to throw caution to the winds, and go techno…My mom had a WelBilt Dough Machine, which I bought her in the mid-1990s to help her make pasta dough. It has an “automatic” and a programmable yeast bread cycle, so I figured I have nothing to lose by letting a machine knead my dough, since I know that if I touch it, it’s doomed anyways…

I also came across a recipe for Cuban Bread, which is supposedly like French or Italian bread, but the baking technique makes it unique. You put the dough in a cold oven, with a pan of boiling water on the rack beneath it, and let it rise the last 10 minutes in the steamy oven. You then turn the oven to 400 and bake for 45 minutes to an hour…

The loaf DEFINITELY rose more than it ever has with my feeble efforts thusfar, so much so, that I had to pull a cast iron pan to bake it in, as I didn’t want to disturb it by putting it in my bread cassarole dish…I’ve just turned the oven on after the 10 minute steam bath, so am looking forward to 2 hours from now (1 to bake, and 1 to cool…) It looks like an Artisan-type bread. Hopefully it will turn out and taste like one…maybe not soggy…(keeps fingers crossed)…

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