When is Cornbread not Cornbread?

Think about it. Taste it in your mind.

Grainy, mealy, chewy, odd, sandy stuff…Not necessarily all that appetizing, and somewhat limited in accompanying dishes.

Now give it a makeover.
Instead of hard, grainy cornmeal, substitute cooked, and fluffed Yellow Corn Grits.
Instead of a dense flour and baking powder suspension for the corn goodness, substitute fine semolina flour and bread machine flour in a 50/50 mix, with a packet of yeast and 5 oz. of the “King of Beers” as the leavening agent…

And this is what you get. (picture coming!)

It still suffers from “Somewhat Soggy Syndrome,” but that is a detriment I’m willing to suffer as I continue to work out the kinks for my “mix it, forget it, bake it” system of bread baking. I tried over the weekend to knead another loaf of the Winter Warlock, to which I had added some raw, hulled sunflower seeds. And, at the mention of the word “knead,” the dough went flat as a rock and heavy as one, too. I made my first loaf of “Almost no-knead” with Budweiser, dumped straight into the pan, with no second rise, and it came out quite well. No pics, because I was disgusted by it’s ugly brother, who was brutally hacked into chunks and thrown out for the squirrels, who pronounced it yummy, no matter its density or weight. I just hope none of them went swimming afterwards…lol!


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